Myths and Facts About Healthy Living

For the past few months I have been researching some common beliefs about healthy living, and in the process, I came across the following facts. These are so interesting that I am compelled to share these with my friends and those interested.

Myth 1: To lose “Fat” avoid eating “Fat”

Myth 2: To lose “Weight” eat less “Calories”

Myth 3: To lose “Weight” eat “Less” with “Increased Frequency”

Myth 4: To lose “Weight” eat “Sugar” in Moderation

Myth 5: To prevent “Heart Disease” lower “Cholesterol”

Myth 6: To check for “Diabetes” measure “Blood Sugar”

HOMA < 1.00 (Excellent); HOMA = 1.75 (Average); HOMA >= 2.75 (Insulin Resistance)

See the video by Dr Berg — The Best Test For Insulin Resistance: (HOMA-IR)

Myth 7: All “Chronic Diseases” are driven by our “Genes”

Myth 8: To check for “Healthy Metabolism” measure “LDL”

Finally, as per the Pareto principle (20–80 rule), the cause of most diseases is a “low-fat high carbohydrate diet”. As this drive us to “insulin resistance”, thereby destroying our metabolism and laying the foundation of all chronic diseases including cancer. Unfortunately, this aspect of health is lacking focus. As since decades the health regulator has been promoting low fat and high carb diet driven by the Ancel Keys (the famous doctor of the 1960s). The famous 7 countries study (which is often referred to) is based on poor quality data. You can dig into more details in the book “ The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet” by Nina Teicholz. Also, you can watch Prof Tim Noakes the famous South African Professor explain the Medical aspects of the low carbohydrate lifestyle.

All these clearly synergies with our ancient ancestor’s lifestyle. High card-based food was absent from their diet, as they were hunter-gatherers. Hence, our bodies are tuned to consuming only high fat low carb diet. This makes us wonder, how Ancel Keys (and others who followed him later) went so wrong! Looking back at history should have given them enough clue to doubt their findings.

Also, if you want to learn about these concepts hands-on, you can attend the Medicine Free Life course by Dr Pravin Chordia described in my earlier note titled “ Staying Healthy: So Easy Yet Elusive”. The next MFL course of Dr Pravin Chordia is scheduled from 23rd to 26th March 2019 at Sumiran, Barkheda (District Sehore, 50 km from Bhopal).



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Parag Kar

Vice President, Government Affairs, India and South Asia at QUALCOMM